Elan Gallery – Inaugural Exhibition

Wayne Ngan’s work will be shown at Elan Fine Art in their inaugural exhibition. The collection includes works by Andy Warhol, Anish Kapoor, David Urban, Douglas Coupland, Cathie Falk, Gordon Smith, Graham Gilmore, Jack Bush, Jeff Koons, Jeff Wall, Joseph Kyle, Ray Mead, Willem de Kooning and other artists.

Sat Feb 25, 2017
1pm to 5pm
258 East 1st Avenue, Unit 4
Vancouver, BC

In New York at Nathalie Karg Gallery

From the review by Scott Indrisek, September 14, 2015 in Blouinartinfo:

“Ngan is a Chinese ceramicist born in 1937 who spent a good portion of his life in Canada; Riepenhoff is a long-haired, laid-back Milwaukeean who runs the critically acclaimed Green Gallery. They come together in interesting ways here, with Ngan’s glazed pieces — which can resemble elegant thermoses, squat UFOs, or squashed banana peels, among other things — occupying a central table, and Riepenhoff’s gauzy nighttime landscapes on the wall. (They were painted during a trip Riepenhoff took to an island in British Columbia, where Ngan lives.)

In the corner of the gallery is a white ladder leading up to a strange box with a hole in it (it might look familiar if you’ve seen the cover of Roger White’s recent book, “The Contemporaries,” which dedicates a chapter to Riepenhoff and the Milwaukee scene). Climb the rungs and pop your head in to encounter a diorama-like installation with works hung on four tiny walls — despite the seemingly boastful title of this piece (“The John Riepenhoff Experience”), the drawings on view are actually by Canadian artist Gordon Payne.”

Photography of gallery installation and opening by Goya Ngan:



GN4_3576-HDR GN4_3567

Sightings of work here and there…

Coming up really soon is the Gala Dinner and Auction for the Western Front. Wayne has donated a piece that can be viewed there. 

Green Gallery: If you happen to be in Milwaukee March 19-April 27, be sure to check out this exhibition. 

The Apartment: Watch for announcements of the upcoming exhibition, Wayne Ngan and Gailan Ngan, New Work April 17 – May 24. 

Gardiner Museum: The Ron Thom Exhibition (until April 27) includes a few of Wayne’s pieces and tells the story of the close connection between ceramics and architecture, a common theme of West Coast Modern. 

YVR: The pieces for the BC Creative Achievement award are showcased at the airport. Has anyone seen them and want to share the location in the comments?

And most exciting of all – Wayne is working up a storm with new exciting forms being sculpted by hand as I write this. Here’s a preview…

Awards Night

Video of award acceptance Advance to 2:10 for the start of Ngan’s entertaining speech

Video of award of distinction  Wayne Ngan at his studio in October 2013

Award of Distinction goes to Wayne Ngan

Wayne Ngan is the recipient of the 2013 British Columbia Creative Achievement Award of Distinction.   He will be presented with the award on November 20, 2013.

Wayne Ngan is a renowned potter whose abstract and contemporary works reflect the traditions of pottery from China, Korea and Japan and the dynamic influence of his natural surroundings by the sea in his studio on Hornby Island. His Japanese-inspired studio continues to be a destination every year for hundreds of visitors from around the world. Regarded as one of Canada’s most influential ceramicists, Wayne received the Saidye Bronfman award in 1983. His work has been exhibited widely for over five decades and is in a number of permanent collections including in the Canadian Museum of Civilization. See more…